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How to stay as active as possible while at home.

Staying active while in isolation is not only going to benefit your physical health but help you so much with your mental health. We need to do as much as we possibly can to help protect our happiness especially during this negative time and it starts by staying active. Apart form your half hour walk, here are a few things you can do each day to help you stay as active as possible.

1. Complete strength training at least 2 or more times a week. Now, you don’t have to go out and buy all the gym equiptment to get some strength training in. You can do a lot of strength training using your own body weight, a simple exercise band or even your children, yes children make great weights lol. Get creative. Here's a leg workout you can do which requires no equipment.

2. Play with your kids/fur kids. Jump on the trampoline, play handball, join in on the water balloon fight or if you’re up for a serious workout, play tiggy! Playing tiggy for as little as 3 minutes is enough to raise your heart rate! A lot has changed in our kids lives so making this as fun as possible for them will benefit them also.

3. When was the last time you danced? I Highly highly recommend this activity if you havent danced in a while. Not only is this great for your heart and lung health but you will also feel happier! Dance by yourself, with your kids or even your partner. Free style dance, or learn a dance on tiktok - its harder than you think. And yes, Im 34 & have tiktok lol

4. Gardening can be quite a workout especially if you’re weeding or moving large pots around. Now would be a great time to finish off projects, revamp your garden, make a herb garden, rearrange your pot plants. Get creative :)

Most importantly dont be too hard on yourself. If you watch the entire series of Tiger King in one day don't feel guilty, have your day girl! We're not perfect, what's important is we do our best <3

Love Kat x

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