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Homeschooling 101

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Disclaimer: I am not a homeschooling expert, I have only been homeschooling for 3 weeks but this is what I have found helps me and hopefully it helps you too.

Isolation has us all going crazy and now to make things even more interesting we’re homeschooling for at least the next 5 weeks! (In QLD anyway) I am currently homeschooling 2 children, one currently in grade 4 and the other in her final year of school, year 12. Both have their challenges and here are my top 5 ideas that have helped me.

Number 1. Create a morning routine. Just because kids are staying home doesn’t mean routine has to go out the window. Having routine and structure is not only going to help you but will also help your child feel more at ease. Kids thrive off routine.

Get up early, go for a quick walk with your kids to help wake them up, eat a healthy breakfast, get them to get changed, do their hair, brush their teeth and prepare their lunch. I like to prepare school work the night before and also pack their lunch box. This helps me so much during the day especially because I am still running a business. I need everything planned otherwise it will just cause unnecessary stress which is something mums and kids don’t need.

Number 2. Relax about timings for the younger kids. I am aiming to have my year 4 child work for 2-3 hours a day. Then for the rest of the day its just fun activities, art, reading, PE and a little bit of cooking.

Remember all children are in the same position, we just need to do our best and not be so hard on ourselves, we are not teachers and our kids are going to be fine once schools back.

Number 3. Talk to your kids and watch your words. I understand it’s easy to get overwhelmed during these times, some of us have lost our jobs and our lives have completely flipped upside down. Remember your kids watch you and they worry about you more than you know. Yes they may be difficult and get on your nerves (trust me, I know) but we have to remember they’re tiny and don’t understand why this is happening.

Or maybe they’re older like my 17year old. Still be kind with your words, they were on the verge of freedom, getting to that age of graduating and now all of a sudden everything has stopped. Formals are getting cancelled, birthday parties aren’t getting celebrated and their freedom has been stripped. We need to protect our teens mental health as much as we can during this time. If all they hear is how stressed you are about home schooling, how much harder life is with them home and how much of a burden they are it is going to hurt their little hearts. Let this be a time they remember for good reasons.

Number 4. Break regularly and don’t feel bad for giving them a device for 20minutes so you can break too. Its important for you now more than ever to have ‘me time’. If you can keep cool, calm and collected, your energy will rub off on your kids too. If you’re stressed, frazzled and emotional, your kids will feel that too.

Number 5. Checklists and recognition. Create a checklist each morning they can tick off as they go. Not only is this going to help them feel more accomplished but give them motivation to keep going. Congratulate your babies for having a good day and completing their tasks each day.

This is a BIG change for them too, so congratulate them and make them feel special. I made a student of the week certificate for my little girl, she's going to love it <3

Most importantly try to enjoy this time with your babies. This is never going to happen (touch wood) again so make the most of this time with them.

We so got this ladies!

With love,

Kat x

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