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How to avoid unnecessary weight gain during isolation.

Scared of gaining weight during isolation?

Watching too many TV series and realising you're spending a lot of time on the couch?

Eating all the snacks because you're bored AF?

Well, here are my tips to help you avoid unnecessary weight gain!

Exercise wisely.

Use your half our of exercise outdoors wisely. The best time to burn unwanted fat is a fast paced walk, first thing in the morning before you eat anything. Another great thing about going first thing in the morning is hardly anyone is awake at this time so as well as getting your exercise in its also quite easy to keep social distance.

Don't buy naughty snacks.

If you can avoid putting naughty snacks into your trolley while grocery shopping you will find it a lot easier to stay on track. The reason being is if you have naughty snacks at home when your cravings kick in, it will be had to resits the urge. If you avoid buying them in the first place and those cravings kick in at home, you will most likely have to opt for another snack because ducking down to the shops for some chocolate is hardly "essential travel". You want to make it hard for yourself to make the wrong decisions and easy for you to make the right decisions and that starts with putting the right things in your shopping trolley. Healthy snacks I love to stock up on are; Almonds, boiled eggs and protein balls. I have heaps of other snack recipes in my group if you're needing ideas - TMMT

Drink low calorie drinks.

If you find yourself wanting to drink more often, opt for low calorie drinks instead of grabbing a beer or cocktail. Obviously water is best but if you're wanting an alcoholic beverage these are my 2 drinks I love, Vodka, lime and soda OR Gin & tonic.

Play active games with your kids.

Learn a tiktok dance, buy Just Dance on the switch, jump on the trampoline with your kids, play handball on the drive way or bring out the skipping rope and challenge your kids. Involving the kids isn’t only going to be a great way to bond with your kids but you’ll burn some extra calories!

Be kind to yourself.

This is something we have never faced before so if your body changes don't be too hard on yourself. Our routines have completely turned upside down and its going to take some time for us to adjust. Start by implementing your morning walk and remember to take it one day at a time.

You got this!

Love Kat x

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