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Tone My Mummy Tummy

Fitting Your Lifestyle

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Hi, I’m Kat

Wife & Mother of 2 gorgeous kids!

Firstly, thank you so much for checking me out! I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 7 years.  I used to own the clean eating cafe inside a World Gym Australia (Southside) and now specialise in helping women, mostly mums improve their health through good nutrition and exercise.  I love helping mums because I’m a mum and I know how tricky it can be to juggle life when there are children involved.

Introducing TMMT

  • What you can expect in our community page.

  • New recipes each week for your weekly meal plan

  • New Workout regimes EVERY month

  • Video examples of ALL work out regimes

  • Group hypnosis sessions every month to help improve your mindset.

  • Accountability

  • Weightloss

  • Toning up

  • Inspiration

  • Results!! 

Total Value ($920)

ONLY $24.97!!  

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